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I've been skating since the 60's. Growing up in the flatlands of South Florida, the only challenges were the causeway bridges and parking lot ramps so I did a lot of urban skating but where it all started was the Sunland roller rink (a lil' history) when I was about 9.

In 1992 ten years after I left Miami for N. Florida, I traded in my quad Riedell's for my first pair of "Rollerblades" then a few years later got speed skates and started racing throughout the Florida circuit. I learned to better my technique by watching the best of them; Chad Hedrick, Katina Salafatinos and Barry Publow for example, have been an inspiration to me then in 1999 I became fascinated with the "double push" while studying Barry's book Speed on Skates . This book is known to be the ice and inline speedskater's bible and helped me to learn perfect skating technique with focus on optimal stroke and powerful, fast skating - This led to me to officially become a skating instructor.

In 1998 in the Orlando area I trained for WSL's (World Skating League) RollerJam show which was the banked track version of Derby but on inline skates. I trained during the first season hard and very seriously 20 hours per week with some experienced, well known skaters such as Andrea Franklin, Debbie Rice, Brian Gallagher and Heather (Gunin) Elliot. We were trained by the original derby skaters, Erwin Miller, Buddy Atkinson Jr. and Richard Brown to name a few. HOURS of pacing, drills, relays, racing, whipping, falling, zigzagging, zooming up & down the embankment, jumping, flipping the rail and more pacing which was the most intense activity I've ever encountered and has proven to be the best thing I ever did for my skating and teaching together with Barry's book and skating long outdoor distances.
Along side of Rollerjam, I was part of a Daytona Beach skate group we called "Flatlanders" skating group. We skated the local and Florida race circuit and it was with these excellent and dedicated skaters (especially Mary, Larry, & Doc; thanks!) we skated 75-100 miles per week outdoor all year 'round.

In 2002 I relocatd to Chicago, where I joined Team Rainbo Inline Speedskating for several seasons of both indoor and outdoor (wowww serious training). Rainbo is one of our country's oldest speed teams and certainly some of the best, fastest and most decorated skaters around the nation are members. I sure do miss this wonderful family of team mates that I got to know and adore. I owe a lot to that time with Rainbo improving my short and long track indoor skills which helped me become interested in both short and long track on ice which I practiced at the famous Petit in Milwaukee as well the Ostpark outdoor 400m track in Munich in 2006.

In November 2004, I joined the Windy City Rollers as skate coach and trainer and put a lot of hours into teaching a group of about 65 women to skate on quad skates and take them to through the end of their first competing season one year later. This newer form of all-girl "Roller Derby" is played on a flat track about 60' wide x 90' long and so far the U.S. has hundreds of leagues currently formed. This new game of Derby has taken our country by storm; leagues are skater owned and operated and a large majority of their profits go directly to charity. They're doing a heck of a lot for their communities (So support them please!)
The game is really a lot of pure athletics mixed very little show but the difference between today's game and games of the past, is the new game is not choreographed; plays are real, skaters are serious and girls are skating their hearts out. JUST look at the Florida Roller Girls here to get an idea of what it's all about. Read a bit of Derby History here as well.

I'm a certified inline instructor and am very passionate about proper skating and like to share with anyone who seriously wants to learn proper technique, speed, the double push, a bit of freestyle (slalom cones) roller soccer, or all of the above including adapting safe and confident and mostly a fun way to skate while becoming beautifully fit!
I also coach flat and banked track Roller Derby in technique, basic game play or if you just need to get your league up and started.
I'm interested in Freestyle & Jam Styles of skating which infuses fluidity and style--look here.

As of December 2007, I moved to Germany and am involved in freestyle, jam,& Roller Derby. I'm available to travel on weekends around the EU for Roller Derby leage training. Please write me for details.

Thanks for visiting and please drop me an email if you have any questions.

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