Been skating since I was 8 which is over 50 years now and yes I still DO skate almost as hard and fast as before even though I retired from speed skating.
grew up in South Florida street and roller rink skating on quads then added Inline's  in the 90's.   I still skate on and teach for both and my focus is Roller Derby, Freestyle (Slalom) and Street Skating.
My love of teaching and training skaters and coaches expecially for Roller Derby is paramount skaters learn the right technique to move with agility,
precision, speed, grace, and style on the tiny track and not canditates for breaking an ankle and or leg.  Today, Derby skaters are often eager to start bouting
(playing Derby), they jump quickly onto the track with little or no experience in, low-topped (ankle-unsupportive) skates and do not yet know how to fall to
avoid snapping a bone. To avoid these common injuries, they must posses the skating skill bt developing their 'skater intuition' on the track..that's normally acquired by years of skating.  Sadly ankle / leg injuries have risen greatly alongside the new generation Flat Track Roller Derby and my fixation that began
in 2004, as Windy City Rollers first coach was “why?”  Now, up to 2019 and years of personal research I'm pretty certain it’s caused by what I mention
above and this is why I teach the way I do.

With my formulated Circle Training for Roller Derby and other concepts, skaters learn real-world skater skills by skating in small areas and doing it
everywhere like I did on porches, streets, parking lots, around people and things and even learning speed technique in wide open spaces or tracks.
We can do this in any hall, parking lot or empty room, just give me a flat, clean area.  All this to build skilled, safe and stylish skaters with a yearning to
get better.
I specialize training Roller Derby leagues of any size and individual skaters, Merby, juniors, etc. and am a certified inline skating teacher.


Email me at for information about me coming to your league for training around the EU, USA and onward.  Can coach also via email,  SKYPE or phone!


Gallery from period training The Windy City Rollers and The Florida Roller Girls