Born and raised Miami even before Roller Disco, I began skating the streets and Roller Rinks and developed a love for Roller Derby from the Saturday TV bouts we watched in the 60s-70s.  With a history of competitive speed skating, urban, Rollersoccer, Long and Short Track ice skating and a bit of hockey, today I keep it calmer with urban, Jam Skating and Freestyle Slalom but my passion is teaching skills/training skaters for all aspects of skating but esp. for safe skating to play Roller Derby.   In the 90\'s, I spent a year training on the banked track for the Roller Jam show with veteran skaters Buddy Atkinson, Richard Brown and Erwin Miller who I credit for pushing me to my limits and really teaching how to "skate the track" and the period that defined me as a disciplined skater and trainer.  In 2004 living in Chicago and training with speed team Rainbo and Flat Track Derby was newly emerging, I became the first coach and trainer for The Windy City Rollers - a group of 66 highly motivated and tough ladies who I taught how to skate. Still competing today, they are one of the top Women\'s Flat Track Roller Derby leagues in the world.
It was during this period; I became alarmed over the frequency and severity of Roller Derby skaters breaking their ankles and legs so began my years of research as to the why’s.   I heard too often from skaters that this was part of the game but I highly disagree.   In the days of early Roller Derby, skaters had to be highly skilled and fast before rolling onto the track where they fought, jumped, fell, rolled and skated fast with very few injuries vice bruises and the exceptional broken bone… it was not the norm but sadly today it has been.
My research led me to conclude that in order to play Derby: a) Skaters must have conditioned ankles (flexibility & strength, conditioning (low-boot bendability) b) The body must be fluid, relaxed, they must be an advanced skater with 100% proprioception and know how to fall and roll and c) Should not play Roller Derby until these factors are met.
I\'m a certified ICP and SkateIA Level I instructor and teach on inline and quads. My focus is teaching skill-to-skate for correct form, speed, style and racing in street and recreational skating.  Training for Derby skaters includes practical "Skate School 101" basics that teach skaters using "real urban skills"…those needed to maneuver the small track with precision and finesse to play the game without injury.  My focus is on avoiding accidents by teaching the right technique with a vast emphasis on ankle conditioning, skate style for beginners and especially that skaters are "track-ready" before training and bouting.
Regular inline or quad skating lessons are available plus skill for Roller Derby leagues of any size, individual skaters, Merby and Junior leagues.   For recreational/urban skating, I teach anyone motivated to skate better, further, faster and safer plus beginner slalom (Freestyle) skaters or skill for hockey. I consult with coaches and trainers esp. for new leagues to prepare training programs and skill development.
My motto is "Do not play Roller Derby..UNTIL you can skate!"
Email Bettina von Brickhaus, AKA: for lessons in Washington State around Kitsap Co and the Olympic Peninsula or worldwide via phone and VTC.
Archive gallery from teaching The Windy City Rollers, The Florida Roller Girls,  Copenhagen, Paris, Germany etc and Speed Skating with Team Rainbo, Chicago and some relevant Internet pics.