Susana's been skating since she was 8 or over 50 now and 'yup, she's still skating and almost as hard and fast as before even since stopping speed skating.
She grew up in South Florida doing street and roller rink skating on quads and then added Inline's in the 90's where she trained with Roller Jam on the
banked track then spent years of competing in speed and skating weekly marathons.  In 2004, living in Chicago, she trained the very first (66 skater girls) Windy City Rollers
how to skate and set them off to a fine career as a top Women's Flat Track Roller Derby league. She's been certified as an Inline skating teacher too for
many years.
Today she skates and teaches on both types of skates including ice speed long & short track. Her focus is teaching skill-to-skate the Roller Derby track with practical "Skate School 101" basics that teach skaters real world skills.. the kind required to maneuver the small track with precision and finesse to play the
game and not break a leg or ankle by skating the track before ready.  After seeing her first accident in 2004 already... she's now spent 15 years studying and researching this new phenomenon.
Specializing in training Roller Derby leagues of any size and individual skaters, Merby, juniors, etc.  Susana is a certified skating teacher and believes
"Learn to skate if you want to play Derby".  When not coaching,  she'll be Freestyle (slaloming) or street skating.


Email Bettina von Brickhaus, AKA: for information about training our league or individual skaters in the EU, USA and onward and coaching also via email,  SKYPE or good old-fashioned phone!




Gallery from eras training The Windy City Rollers and The Florida Roller Girls