Skating is my passion and I"ve been doing it over 45 years. I learned as a kid just by skate; outdoors, rinks and even my small front porch when it rained. I\'ve been a certified skating instructor since 2000 and in 2014 celebrated 10 years teaching Roller Derby skaters to skate or to improve. My mission is I ve to see the high number of skaters breaking legs and ankles in the sport greatly reduced...but this can only come if skaters become agile by loosening up, skating circles, learning how to fall and dive away from injury and skate A LOT.

Training skaters longer means fewer injuries plus a higher level of action would return to the track. Do you want to skate better and block or jam with agility fluidity and the ability to stay on your feet with style? Then skate every day and do it seriously because to skate the tiny oval track stealth-like, you have to move and condition your core skating muscles and mind.

I\'ve tailored Circle Training for Roller Derby for the right way maneuver the tight track and make skilled skaters - like the ones you idolize and the Blond Bombshell s of the past.
I specialize in inline skating or training new Roller Derby leagues, Merby, juniors and privately. Give me your skaters and I give you the tools to skate great and to teach your league how...with bad ass and devotion to style.


Email me at for information about coming to your league or private training anywhere in the EU and onward.